10 Terrifying Beauty Standards It’s Hard to Imagine Were Used in the Past (

Each epoch and each nation have always had its own fashion trends and beauty standards. Sometimes women had to sacrifice their health, appearance, and even lives to meet these standards. On top of that, different terrible and weird things used to be really normal for fashionable girls of the past.

I think I’ll stick with my good ol’ skincare, thanks! 


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Posted by Lyndsie

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JP Williams
Points: 428
JP Williams (@floridaman)
6 months ago

We look back on the past and laugh at their foolishness, but it makes you wonder what practices people in the next generations mock us for. Starving for the camera? Dehydrating ourselves to make our muscles look cut? Cosmetic surgery? I think about this a lot.

JP Williams
Points: 428
JP Williams (@floridaman)
6 months ago
Reply to  Lyndsie

Very well-put!

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