41 Of The Most Hilarious Amazon Reviews Ever (

“Some Amazon reviews provide useful information to help you decide whether to buy a particular product or not. Other reviews are useless, like the ones where people give something a one star just because it arrived late. But there’s another type of review that’s neither useful nor useless, but what they lack in helpfulness, they make up for in pure hilarity.”

Flawless gift idea:

1. Send your friends this article.

2. Laugh with them about it

3. Buy them one of these products.

4. Print out the review and include with the gift.

5. Enjoy the gift of a shared in-joke along with whatever you just gave them!


What do you think?

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Lyndsie (@speakofqueen)
6 months ago

“Great for waterproof kindling, crap for murder” lol

Look at that Smile!

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