Authority vs Leadership

Authority requires nothing more than a title. So many companies just anoint a person with authority and imagine they’ve created a leader. No. Authority and influence are very different, and they result in very different business outcomes. In general people respond to authority alone with just enough effort to keep their job. Nothing motivating them to sacrifice further. People need to be inspired to go beyond the norm, to pursue a higher level, to self-actualize. Authority alone breeds only contempt. The parking lot empties at 5:00, and those with higher career aspirations eventually move on.

Businesses can’t get a mile ahead of their competitors unless people are willing to sacrifice to achieve that extra mile. Authority alone inspires little or no sacrifice, just the minimum, a recipe for mediocrity.


What do you think?


Written by Dave Bennett

Co-founder and CEO of ECO:LOGIC Engineering.

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Lyndsie (@speakofqueen)
6 months ago


Leadership = Personal Influence

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