Democrats And Republicans Should Argue More — Not Less (

This is just my opinion, but the polarization of America is probably occurring in no small part because people are cancelling each other, silencing each other, and not talking. If they actually spoke to one another, they might realize that the other side isn’t as evil, scary, or out to get them as they imagined. After all, real compromises involve an intense understanding of what each side wants, and a series of compromises might be exactly what this country needs. But that’s just me. What do you think?


What do you think?

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I am excited to be on a website that will take user feedback about what is the most important story to heart. We need more positive and exciting news, these are the best days humanity has ever had!

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JP Williams
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JP Williams (@floridaman)
6 months ago

It’s a bit complicated. Arguing can be scary, exhausting, and even dangerous sometimes, so it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to treat it as the norm. Scientific studies also show that accomplishing your main goal for arguing, which is changing someone else’s mind, is accomplished easier with non-argumentative means.

On the other hand, discourse and avoiding echo chambers is important too. Genuine attempts at reaching understanding are needed. As long as you never let winning the argument take priority over finding the truth, you’ll be able to keep your sanity intact.

Some people listen not to understand, but to respond.

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