ex-navy talks about cutting out toxic family


I started watching these series cuz the thumbnail was funny and figured I had time to spare, but now I’m legitimately fascinated by these VR interviews. The best way to describe this series is like People of New York, but it’s in VR.

Don’t let the funny VR avatars distract you, the people being interviewed talk about very really, very heavy issues. Like, PTSD, alcoholism, losing loved ones, and economics. The absurdity of the visuals helps ease you into the interview, and you’re simply ready to listen instead of having pre-judged a human face. And on the other hand, with the virtual masks, these people are free to open up about their thoughts and darkest memories and worst fears without the threat of it reaching their social circle, so you get unfiltered but quality truth.

This video covers an ex-Navy veteran telling how he finally stood up to his abusive parents. The part that left a mark was hearing about all the mental gymnastics his parents performed in order to keep their version of reality. They lied to themselves to keep their abuse and insults were justified, how they were the good guys for cutting out their freeloading son, and even spread those lies to everyone in the family. Even when he printed out his high school transcript to prove to his mother he never was “failing high school,” his mother simply refused to view it, and rejected the threat to her own worldview.

Something I didn’t realize until the person being interview pointed it out, was he realized that despite everything, he was still desperate to gain their validation and being told he’s not a failure by them. Even after joining the navy and ending up making more money than them wasn’t enough. Eventually he noticed the parts of his life when he stopped interacting with his family and improved himself, was the best parts of his life, so he resolved to keep up those parts.

That’s an amazingly real story from a person with an Invader Zim avatar.


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