Massive Fallout: New Vegas Mod The Frontier Is Finally Out (

“A mod years in the making launched just last Friday, and it was a launch so big it took Nexus Mods with it. Fallout: The Frontier is essentially a new game, built onto Fallout: New Vegas.

The Frontier has been kicking around for several years, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a fair bit more ambitious than some new quests and characters; The Frontier is set in Portland, Oregon, and is a new map that’s roughly the same size as New Vegas’s Mojave and nearly as big as Fallout 3.”

Well, I’ve installed and I’ve run this mod for some time now, enough to get a feel for it. I’m having a good time, but I’ve been modding my FNV games for years, so I’ve got very tempered expectations for any mod experience. It’s properly huge and with tons of high-quality new content, and the vehicle mechanics are very good for a game that was never designed to run them. On the other hand, bugs are to be expected, and the balance leans a bit toward bullet-spongy. As to the story, well, lets just say someone played all the recent Call of Duty story modes and decided to build their own. I’m still playing it and will continue to play it, and if you’re eager to try out New Vegas again, I’d suggest you give it a whirl as well.


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