Most ancient supermassive black hole ever discovered powers distant quasar and sheds light on early (

In a milestone breakthrough, astronomers have discovered the oldest supermassive black hole ever seen. The extraordinary find dates back to the early days of the universe and fuels the most distant quasar yet known.

Remember, we can’t see how far the universe goes since we are “limited” by the speed of light… who knows what lies beyond our sight?


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I am excited to be on a website that will take user feedback about what is the most important story to heart. We need more positive and exciting news, these are the best days humanity has ever had!

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Lyndsie (@speakofqueen)
6 months ago

Space is such a mystery, I thoroughly enjoy reading about new discoveries and theories on what lies beyond.

JP Williams
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JP Williams (@floridaman)
6 months ago

Astronomy has always been something I’m eager to learn about and yet oddly comforted by just how much I don’t already know. Trying to visualize even mid-range cosmic phenomena is simply mind-boggling.

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