My Criminal Dog Escapes Justice Because She's Cute

The criminal in question pictured above.

Her crimes include:

-chasing squirrels 

-hunting down small lizards

-trying to go for small dogs 

-demanding I walk her at 1AM

-enjoying the cold and making me walk with her in it

-jumping on the patio screen and tearing it

-barking until I look outside for mystery intruders that disappear the moment I get involved

-looking at me with them big ol’ eyes

-finding some wet dog poop and immediately rolling all over it

-scratching on my door early in the morning, slipping by me as I open it, and then stealing my spot on the bed and acting like nothing’s wrong.

-refusing to eat her food because she doesn’t feel like it even though she hasn’t eaten anything all day

I don’t expect this to turn into any legal repercussions for her but I need to get the word out. Her crimes may be forgiven, but never forgotten


What do you think?

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Written by JP Williams

25-year-old genuine Florida Man.

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Lyndsie (@speakofqueen)
6 months ago

Oh my goodness, with an adorable face like that how could she not be forgiven!! <3

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