Photographer Takes Photos of Lab Animals Going Outside for the First Time (

Vegan photographer and activist Rachele Totaro uses her camera lens to show that rescued lab animals are “someone, not something.”

These precious babes deserve to live a life full of sunshine, fresh air, and kind pets from people who love them <3


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Posted by Lyndsie

As a girl who loves everything sweet and lovely, there is no surprise that I'm addicted to three main things in life: ice cream, fantasy fiction, and my adorable dogs. Growing up in the mountains, I have a natural love for the outdoors and a travel lust that can't be quenched (well it can but only because I have to save up money in between)! When I'm not busy exploring the wilderness or reading my next favorite book, you'll find me diving into video game worlds such as Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda- exploring their vast worlds and obsession over my favorite characters :)

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