SpeakingOf.com seeks to be a new type of media outlet maintained by us but run by you. The goal is to democratize the news, where the stories aren’t selected by a privileged few in the mainstream media, but rather by you and the rest of the Speaking Of community.

We seek to create an atmosphere that promotes lively discussion, inquiry, and debate. But because there’s so much toxicity in the world, one of our biggest values is to maintain respectful dialogue and civility. To that end, we will be enforcing a set of community guidelines. Our aim is to have a small set of clear rules that we consistently and impartially enforce.

What’s Not Allowed On SpeakingOf.com

  • Spam: Off-topic, fraudulent, or deceptive commercial pitches.
  • Personal attacks: Repeatedly attacking, bullying, doxing, or trolling someone in a targeted, ad hominem, or otherwise over-the-top way.
  • Doxing: Publishing someone’s personal or private information
  • Illegal activities: Illegal content of whatever sort, like fraud or phishing.
  • NSFW material: Anything that would be considered above a PG-13 Rating needs to be published in the “NSFW” category. We want to keep this site clean, so anything deemed too sexual or gorey, for example, will be deleted and should not be posted. Words or images that are sexually explicit in a way that’s off-topic or out-of-context.
  • Racism, sexism, and other discrimination: This kind of language is not in line with our values of maintaining respectful dialogue and anyone using this type of speech will be immediately banned from the site.
  • Trolling: Do not invoke quarrel and distract the members by posting irrelevant, digressive, and inflammatory content.
  • Spreading misinformation: Please do not post or share something you know to be misinformation or not true.
  • Trademark and copyright infringement: Speech or links that infringe someone else’s legally protected trademark or copyright, recognizing that fair use is a fundamental element of free speech.
  • Abusive Usernames: Usernames, screen names, bios, or avatars that are abusive, fraudulent, racist, demeaning, hateful, needlessly inflammatory, overtly sexual, or impersonating in a way that’s not obviously a parody. Basically, Speaking Of’s username space should be rated G or PG.
  • Multiple accounts and throwaway emails: We only allow one account per member. If we detect multiple accounts from the same user, they will all be deleted.
  • Upvote: We encourage you to only upvote things you truly like, please do not abuse the upvoting process.
  • False Flagging: The abusive mis-flagging of comments or users by falsely claiming violations of these guidelines.

What Happens When We Find Something Not Allowed

We will take down any comments or posts, and disable any usernames or screen names, that violate these guidelines. When we take action like that, we will attempt to notify the person who posted it, via email or our web interface, to give her/him a chance to fix the issue or to argue back in case we’re getting it wrong. Where someone repeatedly violates the guidelines, we may restrict, suspend, or terminate the account.

We will do our best to be abundantly clear and consistent in enforcing these rules, to be open and honest about it, and to honor the guidelines in their implementation. Of course, we reserve the right to enforce, or not enforce, our community guidelines in our sole discretion. These rules create no duty or contractual obligation for us to take any particular action.