Tesla's no-side-mirror approach becomes feasible as NHTSA ponders camera-based systems (

When Tesla unveiled the next-generation Roadster and the Cybertruck to the world, the two vehicles immediately shocked the automotive industry. The Roadster stunned because of its insane specs, and the Cybertruck shocked because of its unorthodox design that is unlike any other pickup truck on the market. 

Interesting, would you want to drive a car without side mirrors but with cameras? Do you think you would get used to it?


What do you think?

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Lyndsie (@speakofqueen)
6 months ago

What an odd concept. I really don’t think that side mirrors even get in the way that much so I’m not sure why they need to be disposed of, so while it looks cool, I don’t think I could get used to just relying on cameras!

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