The 12 Best Games on PC (

PC gamers have got a pretty great thing going. Interesting, experimental indie games? Yup. Complex strategy simulations? Totally. The shiniest, prettiest versions of big-budget console games? They get a lot of those, too.

Own any of these? Recommend any of them?


What do you think?

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JP Williams
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JP Williams (@floridaman)
6 months ago

Well, I own a gaming PC, and can confirm it’s probably the best gaming experience you’ll get. They left out a few and some of entries are cheating because they’re multi-console, but they’re offering some good examples of PC gaming.

The Witcher 3 is great, as is Cities: Skylines. I still love the Civilization series, but I’ve had to go cold turkey on it simply because it kept me playing for… let’s see… 2500 hours. Divinity: Original Sin II was something I’ve worried most people haven’t heard of, but it’s a truly breathtaking, clever, deep, expansive, and fun cRPG that’s truly earned it’s accolades.

Entries not included here I’d argue are the XCOM series, specifically XCOM 2, which is tactical and engaging and the mods available keep injecting new life into a solid game. Same with Bethesda’s RPGs, Skyrim and Fallout, where the occasional shallowness is fixed with an awesome modding scene and amazing potential.

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