The Ever-Accelerating Automation Of Fast Food (

In the fast-food industry, speed is everything. The concept has never just been about cooking quickly. Players in this competitive space spend huge fortunes every year on optimizing every aspect of food preparation. 

It’s an exciting future, but lots of people work in the food industry… what do you think? Good? Bad? Mixed? or Depends?


What do you think?

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Posted by Mike the Magnificent

I am excited to be on a website that will take user feedback about what is the most important story to heart. We need more positive and exciting news, these are the best days humanity has ever had!

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JP Williams
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JP Williams (@floridaman)
6 months ago

If you’re living in a future where machines can take care of the work that humans hate doing, make human lives easier, and give them a lot more free time on their hands, you’d be in a dystopia if your thought is “how will I feed my family now?” We need societal progress to catch up with the technological progress we’ve been making imo.

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