This Is What A REAL 100-Trillion-Dollar Bill Looks Like

“This is a real 100-TRILLION-dollar bill. I had it framed years ago to remind me of how quickly “money” can change in value. Zimbabwean dollars in 2008 = US dollars in 2040? Probably not, but looking at examples of ultra-inflation, the position of “that can’t happen to a reserve currency” is wishful thinking. Reserve currencies have changed throughout history and will continue to change. Hell hath no fury like holders of a debased currency. Question for Bitcoin bulls — which developing country will be the first to embrace BTC (or other crypto) as a reserve currency, and when do you think it will happen? Leave a comment, and we shall see who the future proves correct.” – Tim Ferris


What do you think?


Written by Matt

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Lyndsie (@speakofqueen)
6 months ago

That’s a whole lot of 0’s.

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