Thoughts on Chai

When I was in high school, I really used to think I was a coffee person. 

I wanted to be cool with a thermos of coffee heading into class, but really all it did was make my stomach upset (I don’t think it likes the acidity much). So, sadly, I really only enjoyed light roast coffee every once in a while with my friends when we went to Starbucks. I felt kind of left out, but at the time, tea wasn’t really my thing. 

Until one day, I discovered Chai tea! Oh, that was a wonderful moment. 

I think the first chai I ever had was a spiced chai. Which, that’s basically drinking fall straight from the mug. But even with me liking the spiced chai, it still wasn’t something that I wanted every time we headed out to get hot drinks. That’s most likely because I’m not as big of a fan of cinnamon as I’d like to be…that being said, I still really enjoyed the drink and it’s what I’ve preferred to purchase up until now.

Recently, however, I have discovered a new form of Chai that has CHANGED. MY. LIFE! It’s called, vanilla chai and my friends, it’s basically a liquid cinnamon roll ^_^ This is now my favorite drink and something that I will be getting today in fact (half off between 1-3, yay)! 

What are your thoughts on chai, and have you tried a vanilla chai? If not, you need to!  


What do you think?


Written by Lyndsie

As a girl who loves everything sweet and lovely, there is no surprise that I'm addicted to three main things in life: ice cream, fantasy fiction, and my adorable dogs. Growing up in the mountains, I have a natural love for the outdoors and a travel lust that can't be quenched (well it can but only because I have to save up money in between)! When I'm not busy exploring the wilderness or reading my next favorite book, you'll find me diving into video game worlds such as Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda- exploring their vast worlds and obsession over my favorite characters :)

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