Unsolved Mysteries: *Why* Is Glitter A Mystery? (

In 2018, the New York Times released an otherwise mundane interview of a business executive in the glitter industry. You know, the little sparkly stuff you keep finding on your clothes because someone was making a kindergarten art project two weeks ago. That article would’ve been completely boring if not for the fact that the company’s rep mentioned how their number one purchaser of glitter sought to keep their use of it a secret, and then refused to elaborate. The mystery of what company or industry could possibly outbuy every other customer in volume without anyone knowing who, why, or how is captivating in all the right ways, but is seemingly unsolved.

So, this article tries to crack the mystery, with several quite-convincing possibilities.


What do you think?

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Lyndsie (@speakofqueen)
6 months ago

Whoa, who knew glitter could be so mysterious!

The weather looks…bad

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