What Worries You the Most When Traveling?

This question is interesting to me because I feel like it varies so much for each individual person! Let me give a few examples: 

-My brother worries about his appearance most while traveling. Is his outfit convenient yet comfortable and does he look put together while carrying all his gear and luggage? 

– My husband worries about forgetting something. Even if we write out an entire checklist, he will still worry something has been left. 

-I worry about losing things while traveling. I could look like a hot mess express and have forgotten my shampoo at home, but I can get over those things. But I’ll always be double checking things I literally JUST put in my bag to make sure it’s still there. 

So I’m curious, do you worry when you travel? Or are you cool as a cucumber? 


What do you think?


Written by Lyndsie

As a girl who loves everything sweet and lovely, there is no surprise that I'm addicted to three main things in life: ice cream, fantasy fiction, and my adorable dogs. Growing up in the mountains, I have a natural love for the outdoors and a travel lust that can't be quenched (well it can but only because I have to save up money in between)! When I'm not busy exploring the wilderness or reading my next favorite book, you'll find me diving into video game worlds such as Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda- exploring their vast worlds and obsession over my favorite characters :)

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JP Williams
Points: 428
JP Williams (@floridaman)
6 months ago

Right now what worries me about traveling is the super-transmissible plague that’s going around. Can’t wait to not have to worry about that soon, and go back to worrying about being stuck in the middle seat.

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